Jenny began her career in journalism in Ireland and London. She moved to New York City where she began working in production on major TV series and feature films such as "Blue Bloods", "Annie" and Steven Soderberg's "The Knick".

Jenny recently wrapped production as Associate Producer of "The World Cup Project", a TV documentary series following 11 countries around the world that use soccer for social change. She directed and edited three episodes of the series and co-directed the feature length documentary, based in Liberia, entitled "Power of Play".

In between larger projects, she has directed and edited short videos for the nonprofit America SCORES, as well as a Gala video for the nonprofit organization LSA based out of Harlem, New York.

Jenny is currently working on a documentary, Straight/Curve, about the pioneering people fighting to change society's unrealistic standards of beauty, due for release in early 2017.


via CNN - March 12, 2014

'I Watched a Man Be Executed': Football Heals Scars of Liberia's Civil War

Somber and brow beaten, Kolubah piles potato greens on top of his head and walks to the nearest market at 5am. Barefoot. He has to sell all of his greens to make money so his family can eat. His parents and siblings are unable to provide for themselves, so everyday Kolubah is forced to skip school and earn a living. His only solace: football.

Later that same day Coach Tio kneels down to tie Kolubah's shoelaces. Kolubah is 10-years-old and the breadwinner for his family. But so rarely does he wear shoes, he doesn't even know how to tie his own laces.

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